50. Kainuun Rastiviikko

50th Kainuu Orienteering Week

25.-30.7.2017 Kuhmo, Finland

From KOW 2015 accommodation service you can search and reserve school and dormitory accommodation in Suomussalmi.

School and dormitory accommodation
School accommodation is possible very close to Event Centre (Competition Village) near the Suomussalmi city centre and in the school of Ruukinkangas. Dormitory accommodation is possible in Siikaranta vocational school and Karhulanvaara vocational school. Keys for dormitory accommodation cost 50 € / key (in cash) and this payment will be returned when the key is returned after accommodation.

School accommodation
School accommodation is provided as floor accommodation in school classes.
Prices includes: toilet, shower and electricity. Cooking is strictly forbidden inside the building.


- with mattress  10 €/person/day

- without mattress (own mattress needed) 7 €/person/day


Dormitory accommodation: 

Siikaranta vocational school (street adress: Siikarannantie 7, 89600 Suomussalmi) is located 2 km from Suomussalmi city centre.
Rooms: 2 person rooms with basic furnitures -> beds, tables, chairs (own refriderator is in some rooms)
Shared living room (with TV), kitchen (with refridgerator, cooker, microwave) and shower and toilet.

Sample room in Siikaranta vocational school


- 2 person room  20€/person/day

- 2 person room for one person 40€/person/day

Karhulanvaara dormitory accommodation (Street address: Kuhmontie 3, 89800 Suomussalmi kk) is located 7 km from Suomussalmi city centre. Cozy 2 person rooms (4 x 2 person rooms) with shared living room. In 2 person room there are beds, table, chairs and lockers/closet. In shared living room there are cooker (oven), refridgerator, microwave, shower and toilet. Sauna is about 200 metres from the dormitory accommodation.


- 2 person room     25 €/person/day

- 2 person room for one person  50 €/person/day

Roinila holiday centre (Street address: Veikkolantie 27, 89800 Suomussalmi) is located about 13km from Suomussalmi city centre adjacent to lake and with cozy environment. See location from here.

Services: Plenty of shared living rooms, Kitchen with good basic home appliances and dishes, grill area and sauna.

Distances: 17 km to competition centre, 13 km to Suomussalmi city centre, 3km to nearest shop


- 2 person room (2 pc), with basic furnitures (includes toilet and shower)

- 4 person room (7 pc), with basic furnitures, toilet and shower in seperate hallway

- 6 person room (3 pc), with basic furnitures, toilet and shower in seperate hallway


2 person room 25 €/person/day

4-6 person room 20 €/person/day