50. Kainuun Rastiviikko

50th Kainuu Orienteering Week

25.-30.7.2017 Kuhmo, Finland


Kainuu Orienteering Week,
Finnish WOC-qualification and Finnish Orienteering Top League
5.-10.7.2015, Suomussalmi, Finland


Competition rules
The competition will be governed by the rules of the Finnish Orienteering Association and rules given by organizer.

Entry and registration
All entries to competition categories must be made before 31.5.2015 12.00pm.

1. by using the IRMA-service
2. By email to
If entry is made by email the following information must be informed: name, year of birth, emit-card number, country, category and competition days (1,2,3,4). When entry is made correctly via email (to info@rastiviikko.fi ), competition office will send invoice for paying of participation fee. Entry is valid and registered to IRMA-service when invoice is paid. See the detailed information from our webpage www.rastiviikko.fi.

If you have any problems in entry/registration contact info@rastiviikko.fi

Details of registration and entered/registered competitiors ar shown at IRMA-service.

Finnish WOC-qualification and Top League (H/D21E-categories)
60 competitors will be chosen to category H21E and 50 competitors will be chosen to category D21E. Competitors (H21E - 50 / D21E - 40) will be chosen based on WRE-ranking (
http://iofranking.osport.ee/iofranking/Ranking > FootO Middle/Long) and Finnish online-ranking (Terrain) situation 31.5.2015. Additionally Finnish Orienteering Federetion has option to register 10 competitors for both categories H/D21E.

If there are more than 60/50 competitors registrated to these categories, those who are not chosen will be automatically moved to category H/D21A.

H/D21E-categories preliminary distances and estimated times

1. stage: middle distance (about 30-35min)
2. stage (Finnish WOC-qualification and Top League): middle distance
3. stage (Finnish WOC-qualification and Top League): long distance
4. stage: extended middle distance (about 50 min, pursuit start).

Detailed instructions for Finnish WOC-qualification and Top League will be published during the spring 2015 by organizers webpage (
www.rastiviikko.fi) and Finnish Orienteering Federation webpage (www.suunnistusliitto.fi).

There will be pursuit start on 4th stage in all elite categories (H/D16-21E).

Late-entry and registration
(with higher participation fees) must be made before 14.6.2015 12.00 pm directly to IRMA-service.

Entry instruction to open categories (fitness orienteering) can be found from chapter Open orienteering.

Participation fees
Participation fees are as follows:

by 30.11.2014:
H/D 21E 96 €/week 38 €/day 2-3 stages, 22 € 1. and 4. stages
H/D 16E-20E 80 €/week 22 €/day
H/D 18-95 74 €/week 21 €/day
H/D 8-16 36 €/week 11 €/day

by 28.2.2015:
H/D 21E 121 €/week 38 €/day 2-3 stages, 25 € 1. and 4. stages
H/D 16E-20E 90 €/week 25 €/day
H/D 18-95 83 €/week 23 €/day
H/D 8-16 43 €/week 13 €/day

by 31.5.2015:
H/D 21E 128 €/week 38 €/day 2-3 stages, 28 € 1. and 4. stages
H/D 16E-20E 104 €/week 28 €/day
H/D 18-95 96 €/week 26 €/day
H/D 8-16 51 €/week 15 €/day

Late-entry by 14.6.2015:
H/D 16E-21E 144 €/week 40 €/day
H/D 18-95 136 €/week 36 €/day
H/D 8-16 64 €/week 18 €/day

Participation fees must be paid in conjunction of entry via IRMA-service. Entry is valid when participation fee is paid. If you have problems in entry or payments plese contact competition office (
info@rastiviikko.fi, +358445123517).

Cancellations and changes to entry/registration
If participation to KOW-week is cancelled before 31.5.2015 the whole participation fee will be paid back. We will charge office costs 5 € / day.

If participation to KOW-week is cancelled after 31.5.2015 we will pay back 50% of participation fee in case of illness, sickness or injury. Official doctor´s statement is required.

Change of category is possible without any cost by 31.5.
2015. After 31.5.2015 we will charge 5 € office costs if category is changed.

If you have any questions about entry, participation, participation fees, cancellations etc. contact to competition office: info@rastiviikko.fi , phone: +358445123517

Open orienteering
1) Pre-registration
by using the IRMA-service
https://irma.suunnistusliitto.fiuntil by 14.6.2015. Pre-registration is possible only for the whole week. Entry instructions for using the IRMA-service can be found from our webpage → www.rastiviikko.fi → Entry → IRMA instructions.

Pre-registration participation fees:
Open categories 38 €/week
Open (under 14-year old) 21 €/week

Instructions for pre-registrated orienteers when arriving to KOW competition centre.
Pre-registrated (with own emit-card):
Can pick up their competition number directly adjacent to open orienteering (Kuntoinfo) office in competition centre and go directly to start and orienteer. So you don´t have to visit in open orienteering office.

Pre-registrated (with rental emit-card):
You have to visit in open orienteering office, where you can have you competition number and rental emit-card.

2) On-site registration
Participation fees:
Open categories 42 €/week 12 €/day
Open (under 14-year old) 25 €/week 7 €/day
Open-RR / Family-RR* 25 €/week 7 €/day
Adventure track (under school age) 12 €/week 4 €/day
*includes maps for the whole participating family and one emit-card.

NOTE! Entry form to open categories can be downloaded from webpage:
www.rastiviikko.fi.When making the entry on-site you can print the entry form and fill it in advance so when you arrive to competition centre it is faster to visit in open orienteering office.

Emit punching system
Emit punching system will be used in every category of KOW. If you have your own emit-card number of the card must be given when registrating. Organizers will reserve a rental emit-card for those who don´t have own card. Emit-card rental is 5 € / day or 15 € / week. The rented emit-cards can be picked up from KOW-info at the competition centre. The rent must be paid on-site if it isn´t paid already. For open categories emit-card rental is available in open orienteering office at the competition centre. If participant don´t return emit-card we will charge fee of 80 € / card.
Changes to registered emit-card number is free by 14.6.2015. After this we will charge 5 € if the emit-card number is changed.

H/D16-21E-categories competitors may have to use GPS-tracking device.

Event Centre (Competition village)
Event centre is located in Suomussalmi city centre and school of Ruukinkangas. Navigational address is: Ruukinkatu 3, Suomussalmi.

Competition centre (Itäjärvi)
Competition centre is located about 10 km north from Suomussalmi. Navigational address is Käärmevaarantie 11-13, Suomussalmi. In the competition centre we have several services for example restaurant and café´s, orienteering and sport shops, children´s day care (Muksula) and dog´s day care. Showers and toilets are also available. Mounting of club tents is possible starting on saturday 4.7.2015 at 3.00pm. Club tents must be mounted to club tent area.

Muksula (Childrens day care)
Muksula intended for pre-school-age children is open each day when competitions are held. Please do not bring any ill children (fever, stomach flu, etc.) to Muksula.

Pre-registrate your children to Muksula:
Contact person: Hannastiina Piikivi
email: muksula@rastiviikko.fi
phone: +358 40 591 1971

Prices for childrens day care are:
Pre-registration before 28.6.2015, 5 € / day / child
Registration on-site, 10 € / day / child

In addition of Muksula there will be activity route for kids under the school age.
Prices for activity route are:
4 € / day
12 € / week

KOW-info (competition office and info)
KOW-info is in event Centre and competition centre. During the competition days KOW-iinfo is open in competition centre. Detailed opening hours for KOW-info will be released in the spring 2015 in our webpage and competition instructions.

Training is also possible with many different maps (areas → Suomussalmi, Puolanka, Vuokatti, Kajaani). Training maps can be purchased from the KOW-info.

Competition terrain (Itäjärvi) is totally new orienteering area and it provides quite good runability and diverse and challenging orienteering areas. Area is mainly covered with usual Kainuu region coniferous forest type where runability and visibility are quite good. In the western parts of competition area there is Natura 2000 -nature reserve, which will provide memorable nature experiences for all orienteers. Course setters have planned the usage of terrain so that in all categories we´ll try to provide as good orienteering areas as possible.

Scale 1:10 000, color print out 6/2015.
Map size A3, children A5. Maps are in plastic cover.
Mapping: Mapline Oy / Pasi Jokelainen and Pekka Hiltunen
In 3rd stage finnish WOC-qualification and Top League long distance track the map is in scale 1:15 000.

Startlists are available (week 25 / 2015) on our webpage

There will be 5 different starts. Distances from competition centre to starts are between 500 - 2500 metres. The way to each start is marked.

There is plenty of different kind of accommodation available for example apartments, holiday appartments, commercial accommodation (hotels etc), school and dormitory accommodation and camping and caravan. For further information go to www.rastiviikko.fi.

There will be money prizes for overall winners in categories H/D21E as follows:
1. 1600,00 €
2. 600,00 €
3. 400,00 €
Additionally there are money prizes for categories H/D21E in stages 2 and 3 (Top League).

In each category 3-10 competitors are awarded based on overall standings and amount of participant in each category. Prizes are products and gift tokens.

In categories 8-10RR every participant will be awarded in the middle of the week.

Stage winners are awarded in stages 1,2 and 3

Every participant of KOW will be awarded with commemorative prize.

In open categories prizes are raffled each day.

Guiding posts
Guidance to Competition centre is from road E63/5 (from south and north) about 10 km north from Suomussalmi. Guiding post are on their places on saturday 4.7.2015 at 3.00pm.

Arriving and parking
Parking areas are located between 300-900 metres from competition centre.

Parking tickets
Parking tickets will be checked when leaving the parking area. Parking ticket can be purchased from KOW-info in the event centre or competition centre or finally the ticket must be purchased when leaving the parking area (then only in cash).

We strongly recommend to buy ticket in advance so you don´t have to wait when you are leaving the parking area.

Day: 7 €
Week: 25 €

Arriving and parking instructions are informed more detail later on our webpagewww.rastiviikko.fi

Bus transportation
There will be bus transportation between event centre – Suomussalmi city centre – competition centre. Prices, timetables and routes are published on our webpage in the spring 2015.

20th, 30th ja 40th anniversary medals
The 20th, 30th and 40th anniversary medals will be awarded. If you have 20th, 30th or 40th participation to KOW-week please contact to KOW-info (competition office) before 31.5.2015.

Chief of competition
: Jussi Kauppinen
jussikau@gmail.com, +358 400 104 205

Secretary general: Jukka Liuha
jukka.liuha@rastiviikko.fi, +358 44 7679 533

Media: Mervi Juntunen
mervi.t.juntunen@gmail.com, +358 40 820 2603

Course setters: Jari Anttonen ja Maija Pasanen
Pekka Hiltunen (Finnish WOC-qualification and Top League)

Result-service: Result Fellows, Risto Kivinen

Technical advisor (TA): Risto Vairinen, Finnish Orienteering Federation / KontU

Course advisors: Markku Tolonen, Arto Haverinen and Petteri Haikola

Organizer: Suomussalmen Rasti ry

KOW-info (competition office) Accommodation office
Street address: Kisatie 28, 87250 Kajaani +358 44 761 3886
+358 44 512 3517 majoitus@rastiviikko.fi
info@rastiviikko.fi accommodation@rastiviikko.fi


KOW-info in Suomussalmi
Street address: Kauppakatu 20, Suomussalmi
+358 44 512 3517