50. Kainuun Rastiviikko

50th Kainuu Orienteering Week

25.-30.7.2017 Kuhmo, Finland

Open orienteering

1) Pre-registration

by using the IRMA-service
https://irma.suunnistusliitto.fiuntil by 14.6.2015. Pre-registration is possible only for the whole week. Entry instructions for using the IRMA-service can be found from our webpage → www.rastiviikko.fi → Entry → IRMA instructions

Pre-registration participation fees:

Open categories 38 €/week
Open (under 14-year old) 21 €/week

Instructions for pre-registrated orienteers when arriving to KOW competition centre.

Pre-registrated (with own emit-card): Can pick up their competition number directly adjacent to open orienteering (Kuntoinfo) office in competition centre and go directly to start and orienteer. So you don´t have to visit in open orienteering office.

Pre-registrated (with rental emit-card): You have to visit in open orienteering office, where you can have you competition number and rental emit-card.


2) On-site registration

Participation fees:

Open categories 42 €/week 12 €/day

Open (under 14-year old) 25 €/week 7 €/day

Open-RR / Family-RR* 25 €/week 7 €/day

Adventure track (under school age) 12 €/week 4 €/day

*includes maps for the whole participating family and one emit-card.


NOTE! Entry form to open categories can be downloaded from webpage: www.rastiviikko.fi.When making the entry on-site you can print the entry form and fill it in advance so when you arrive to competition centre it is faster to visit in open orienteering office.