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50. Kainuun Rastiviikko

50th Kainuu Orienteering Week

25.-30.7.2017 Kuhmo, Finland

Suomussalmi offers plenty of outdoor or cultural activities during the Kainuu Orienteering Week!

Suomussalmi has various hiking paths and nature trails. The most significant of these are Hossa Hiking Area, Martinselkonen nature preservation area and Murhisalo. These areas are connected with the Eastern Boarder Hiking Trail (Itärajan retkeilyreitti) which is 162 km long.

The municipality has various places for trolling, fly and lure fishing as well as winter fishing. Suomussalmi has three recreational fishing areas, they are Hossa recreational fishing area, also known as the fisherman's paradise, Yli-Vuokki and Seitenahveninen recreational fishing areas.

Other activities
There is plenty of different activities near the Suomussalmi for example Frisbee-golf, jogging and hiking trails, MTB-biking, canoeing, horse back riding, and swimming on the beaches near Suomussalmi or in the spa of Scandic Kiannon Kuohut.

Cultural activities
Some of the most popular attractions in Suomussalmi are historical museums and exhibitions, memorials and statues. The various churches of our municipality should not be forgotten either. The handcraft shops,The Silent People and the two old White Carelian villages, Kuivajärvi and Hietajärvi, are interesting places to visit as well.

24 kilometers from Suomussalmi center, Raatteen Portti is the location of the Winter War in Suomussalmi exhibition. Through its collection of artefacts, photographs, maps and models it describes the Winter War battles which took place in Suomussalmi. The Winter War Monument is also a part of the exhibition.

The Frontier Guard Museum located at the eastern end of the Raate road at Suomussalmi is restored to its state of 1939. It tells us of the life of a frontier guard post before the Second World War.

Tourist information
Suomussalmi Tourist Office is situated in the Jalonniemi House by highway E 63 (5). There you can get free information concerning the municipality and its services and buy maps, guide books and postcards.

(source: www.suomussalmi.fi)