50. Kainuun Rastiviikko

50th Kainuu Orienteering Week

25.-30.7.2017 Kuhmo, Finland

Thanks to all participants, volunteers, partners and spectators for the great Kainuu Orienteering Week 2016 in Luhtakangas, Puolanka, Kainuu and Finland! We will meet again next year in 50th anniversary week in Rasti, Kuhmo 25.-30.7.2017.

Photos of the KOW 2016 can be found from here:

In KOW 2016 we had overall 3774 participants:
Competition categories: 2170
Open orienteering categories: 1604

Photo: www.vipsauna.fi 

Oleksandr Kratov and Marika Teini were the winners of this year’s Kainuu Orienteering Week in women’s and men’s elite category. Teini, who had a comfortable 8.15 minutes lead after three stages, maintained her lead easily and won 5.24 ahead of Katri Liljeqvist, third was Mira Kaskinen. Kratov lead his club Koovee to take four first places as Timo Sild (+2.07) was second followed by Topi Anjala and Jani Lakanen.
Teini took her first ever KOW overall victory in women’s class.
”This was my goal and I got it. This was physically good preparations for WOC. I wanted to have hard terrains and tough races here and I got both. Today it was tricky, as I didn’t start full speed. At some point I started to wonder if I am saving too much and it would end badly, but luckily not”, she said.
Kratov had to fight harder as he had only 22 seconds lead to Sild when starting the final stage.
”I got what I wanted: beautiful terrain, good maps and good races. I am not happy about my performances, I was completely out of game on second stage”, Kratov said.
He was pleased he could take the lead after third stage and in the end he went full speed pretty much from the beginning on Friday.
”I saw Timo a couple ot times in the beginning. I just tried to keep my speed and do good orienteering.”
There were a total of 3774 participants in this years KOW at all events. From those competitive classes attracted 2170 participants. Next year KOW goes to Kuhmo where it takes place July 25-30.

Oleksandr Kratov took his second win at Kainuu Orienteering Week 2016 when he was fastest in third stage. He lead Koovee to triple victory as Jani Lakanen took second and Timo Sild third place. Win also moved Kratov to lead in overall standings by 22 seconds to Sild when there is just one race to go.
”Physically it was not really good, but not as bad as in the second stage. I just tried to enjoy orienteering. I like the terrain. It doesn’t seem complicated on the map but some controls were tricky”, says Kratov.
Jani Lakanen was happy about his performance.
”I had my orienteering under control. It was different course than the days before”, he says.
Sild said his running was going well but he lost all in all approximately three minutes around different controls.
”The worst was with second control”, he said.
Marika Teini was already in clear lead in the overall ranking in D21E and third stage didn’t make any difference to that. Lindeqvist, who was second in the second stage, succeeded well today and won the race by 7 seconds ahead of Teini. Anna-Kaisa Asikainen from Koovee finished third.
”Now the balanced and calm performance lasted all the way. It was smooth orienteering. Only around 9th control I lost some 30-40 seconds”, Lindeqvist says.
Teini said she was already saving some ”two percent” of capacity with Fin5 week in mind.
”I found the terrain fun also today”, she said.

Start lists for the 4th stage elite-categories are now published.

See the start lists from the page results and start lists.

Kainuu Orienteering Week’s second day was competed in sunny summer weather, which made it hot for runners on the course. On the men’s catecory Topi Anjala, Timo Sild, Joni Hirvikallio and Jani Lakanen from Koovee took the first four positions. Anjala won by 5 seconds ahead of Sild, who leads the overall ranking by 17 seconds to Anjala.
”It was a hilly course. It felt hard in the uphills but luckily there were also some downhills. I made one a minute mistake after intermediate control, all in all I lost two minutes”, said Anjala who heads to recovery cycling on the KOW day-off.
Sild took it easy on the start due to hot weather, still it effected on him.
”When there would have been chances to run, I didn’t have energy to do it. I believe we will have a good fight about KOW overall title which gives nice extra”, Sild says.
Women’s victory was taken by Marika Teini who finished 2.58 minutes ahead of Katri Lindeqvist. Mira Kaskinen finished third.
”Heat made it tough. I did a couple of mistakes, lost approximately two minutes. Terrain was faster than on Sunday but it was up and down all the time. My performance was better on Sunday and legs were lighter then as well. I have set my plans towards WOC and this KOW is par of it”, says Teini.
Katri Lindeqvist was strong in the beginning but faced some challenges in the latter part.
”I became tired and made a really stupid mistake on the 12th control. I left to the wrong direction: I went too far on the left, and in the end I lost minutes while going around there.”
Mira Kaskinen had some challenges with the controls as she is not so familiar with Kainuu terrain.
”I didn’t go perfectly straight at all times, but in general it was a clean performance which I can be really satisfied with.”

Kainuu Orienteering Week started at Luhtakangas terrain with strong Koovee presentation in H21E and Marika Teini dominating D21E. Koovee triple podium was lead by Oleksandr Kratov (UKR), who was the only man running sub one hour on the 10,8km course. Kratov was followed by Timo Sild and Topi Anjala. Marika Teini took her victory 1.33 minutes ahead of Sanni Kivelä, Alma Toivonen finished third.
”I am not suprised (over victory). I knew I am in OK shape so I can fight about it. Today my performance was pretty clean orienteering”, said Krakov.
He counted he lost only some seconds in the terrain who he likes. Sild also thought having smooth orienteering, but he marked some mistakes around controls four and eight.
”On third control I caught Petri Saari. I tried to get gap to him, but I had some problems at couple of controls. On fourth I made maybe worse route choice, on eighth I lost maybe 30 seconds. Running is fast here, so you don’t all the time read the map – it makes 10-15 seconds misses here and there, which adds up in the end. I do have to improve from today”, Sild said with a smile.
Marika Teini is one of the big Finnish names this season, and she sees KOW as nice preparation towards WOC in Strömstad.
”I lost one minute in the latter part of the course, but apart from that miss, the race went well. My shape is good, and rain helped me to tackle my allergy which has been harming me on hot days”, says Teini who is participating KOW as part of family trip.

Kainuu Orienteering Week 2016 competition handbook is now released. You can download and read it from the link below.


Notice! Handbook is 12MB of size so downloading will take a while.