50. Kainuun Rastiviikko

50th Kainuu Orienteering Week

25.-30.7.2017 Kuhmo, Finland

Kainuu region is located geographically in mid-eastern part of Finland. At year 2016 traditional Kainuu Orienteering Week is organized in Puolanka - which is located in north-western part of the region (see location at Kainuu Outdoor map).

Arriving to Finland and Kajaani by flying

It is possible to fly all the way to Kajaani from Helsinki, where majority of foreign flights arrive, but there are many other airports where you can fly as well. Next closest of them is Kuopio airport.

Useful information regarding flying and all Finnish airports can be found from Finavia (Airport service company) website. You can find websites of all Finnish airports linked there - f.ex. Kajaani airport. From each local airport site you can find information about airport transport connections.

Direct connection from Helsinki - Kajaani - Helsinki is offered by Flybe. Airfare to this connection starts from 39 € / one-way

International connection via Tallin is provided daily by Estonian Air.

Arriving to Finland by ferry

If you prefer to take your own car with you, you can travel to Finland by ferry from most of the countries surrounding the Baltic sea (Sweden, Estonia, Poland, Germany). Check possible routes and timetables f.ex. from following companies: Tallink/Silja, Viking line, Finnlines.

Arriving by car

If you arrive to Finland by public transportation, but prefer to continue your journey by driving, get a rental car f.ex. from one of these companies: Avis, Budget, Europcar, Hertz, Scandiarent, Sixt. Here are distances, estimated driving times and links to driving instructions (by Google map) for some routes to Kajaani. From Kajaani there is 1h 10min driving to Puolanka (about 100km).

Helsinki - Puolanka: 650km 7h 30min

Turku - Puolanka: 720km 8h 30min

Tampere - Puolanka: 560km 7h 00min

Jyväskylä - Puolanka: 410km 5h 00min

Vaasa - Puolanka: 470km 6h 00min

Kuopio - Puolanka: 270km 3h 30min

Oulu - Puolanka: 130km 1h 20min

Rovaniemi - Puolanka: 240km 3h 00min

Kuusamo - Puolanka: 180km 2h 10min

Kajaani - Puolanka: 100km 1h 10min

Vuokatti - Puolanka: 105km 1h 15min

Arriving to Kajaani by rail or bus and from there to Puolanka

Wheather you enter to Finland by flying or by ferry, railway connections to Kajaani are available from most of the places where you first arrive (see map here). Check timetables and buy tickets from VR (Finnish railways) website. Here are some common travel times when arriving by rail:

  • Helsinki - Kajaani: 5h 30min - 7h 30min
  • Turku - Kajaani: 7h 30min - 8h 00min
  • Tampere - Kajaani: 5h 30min - 6h 30min
  • Oulu - Kajaani: 2h 00min - 3h 00min
  • Kuopio - Kajaani: 2h 00min

See railway connections on the map.

Railway station is near the city centre of Kajaani (map). From Kajaani railway station you can continue journey to Puolanka by bus or rental car.

Bus routes, timetables and tickets you can get from Matkahuolto (Bus company) website.  bus station (map) are close to center in Kajaani.