50. Kainuun Rastiviikko

50th Kainuu Orienteering Week

25.-30.7.2017 Kuhmo, Finland

Arriving (guiding posts), traffic and parking
Arriving to competition centre
Notice! In all competition days arriving to the competition centre is possible only from the west by the road Hyrynsalmentie (891).

Remember to calculate enough time for arriving to the competition centre even that there is only 300m-1000m walking from parking areas to the competition centre.

Arriving from Hyrynsalmi or Suomussalmi (road 891): Guiding starts from the cross road Hyrynsalmentie-Pettäväntie and guiding goes by the roads Pettäväntie-Hoikanvaarantie-Paltamontie-Hyrynsalmentie. Estimated driving time to this route is 20 minutes.

Arriving from Suomussalmi: We recommend route Kyröntie (road 892)-Puolangantie (road 891)-Hallanmaantie-Hoikanvaarantie-Paltamontie-Hyrynsalmentie.  

Arriving from Ukkohalla ski resort: We recommend route Hallanmaantie-Hoikanvaarantie-Paltamontie-Hyrynsalmentie.

Arriving from Paljakka ski resort: We recommend route Ristijärventie-Paltamontie-Hyrynsalmentie.

Guiding posts
Guiding posts to the event starts from three different directions:
1) From south: Paltamontie (78) about 15km before Puolanka
2) From north/west: Road 78 about 1km before Puolanka city centre
3) From east: Hyrynsalmentie (road 891) from the cross road Hyrynsalmentie-Pettäväntie.

Navigational addresses:
Event centre:    Koulukatu 2, Puolanka
Competition centre:    Kuirivaarantie 1, Puolanka

Bus transportation
There will be a bus transportation between the event centre – Puolanka  city centre – competition centre. Prices, timetables and routes are published separately in this handbook and also in our webpage.

Club busses
Parking by the rules given by the organizers on-site

Motor cycles and bicycles
Free parking to the parking areas.

Parking and parking tickets
There are guiding posts to the competition centre and to the parking areas.
Parking tickets will be checked when leaving the parking area.

Parking tickets can be purchased from KOW-info in the event centre or competition centre or finally the ticket must be purchased when leaving the parking area (then only in cash).

Parking tickets
Event centre KOW-info
Competition centre KOW-info (only in competition days)
When leaving the parking area (only in cash)

Cars and camping vans or campers        25 €/week, 7 €/day
Busses/club busses            50 €/week, 15 €/day