50. Kainuun Rastiviikko

50th Kainuu Orienteering Week

25.-30.7.2017 Kuhmo, Finland


The Kainuu Orienteering Week offers the opportunity to participate in open orienteering and family category (Family-RR) as well as activity route on all competition days. While the participants in open and family categories will be timed, no prizes based on placings will be distributed, nor will any combined results be calculated for these courses. The activity route is a nature-related orienteering course with control points specifying various tasks to be performed.

Registration to open orienteering and family category
Registration to open orienteering and family category takes place in competition centre open orienteering info  (located next to KOW-info) by filling the entry-form and paying the participation fee. Emit control cards can be rented in Kuntoinfo at the price of 15 € per week or 5 € per day. Registration may be for the whole week or just a single day.

After the registration orienteer will have the competition number that must be used during the whole week. Notice! Same number must be used even that you pay and orienteer only for example in 1st and 3rd stage so remember to keep you number with you the whole week.

We recommend registration to the whole week because then you can pay all days in same and you don´t have to wait in a queue.

Registration for the activity route
Instructions for participation in the activity route are provided in Muksula (children´s day care). The registration fee for the activity route must be paid at activity route starting area (payments only in cash).

Participation fees
                                                                              €/day    €/week
Open orienteering (A,B,C)                                         13           50
Family-RR* and open orienteering 13-years or under    8            30
*(includes maps for the whole family and one emit-card)
Activity route                                                            4            12
Emit-card rental                                                        5            15

The lengths of the courses in the open categories are indicated in the distances tables for all categories.
All map and courses are shown beforehand in the open orienteering info at the competition centre.

Start procedures
Open orienteering (A, B and C courses)
Participants report to the start officials in the start area who will check the competition number and emit-card. Orienteer choose the correct map from the box. Starting takes place by resetting the Emit control card.

Family-RR category
Participants report to the start officials in the start area 5 who will check the competition number and emit-card. After this, orienteer is guided to the start area where the map is handed out. Starting takes place by resetting the Emit control card.

Open orienteering (A, B, C) start at Start 5 and arrive to finish line which is marked with signpost 5 and partner Puolanka.

No start times are drawn at random for open orienteering

                 Open orienteering    Access to the terrain:    Finish will be closed:
                 info open                 
sun 3.7.     10.00-19.00            13.00-16.30                 19.00
tue 5.7.      08.00-17.00            10.00-13.30                 17.00
thu 7.7.      08.00-17.00            10.00-13.30                 17.00
fri 8.7.        08.00-17.00            10.00-13.30                 17.00
NOTICE! Everyone must go to finish area emit-card checkpoint after the performance!

Additional instructions
Orienteers in open orienteering use the same competition number in all competition days.

If orienteer changes the open category after registration in the kuntoinfo, this must be informed at the start area.

Same Emit-card cannot be used in open orienteering and competition categories. In open orienteeering it is possible to use same Emit-card for different runners.

In family category, there will be only one Emit-card for the whole participating family or group. This Emit-card will be checked at start and finish areas.

Prizes drawn by lot
Lots will be drawn daily to distribute prizes among all the participants in the open categories. The prizes can be claimed from the open courses info.