50. Kainuun Rastiviikko

50th Kainuu Orienteering Week

25.-30.7.2017 Kuhmo, Finland

Competition centre (Rasti)
Competition centre is located about 20 km from Kuhmo to south via road 75 (to Nurmes)
Navigational address is Petäjälammentie 265, Kuhmo.

In the competition centre we have several services for example restaurant and café´s, orienteering and sport shops, children´s day care (Muksula) and dog´s day care. Showers and toilets are also available.

Mounting of club tents is possible starting on monday 24.7.2017 at 15.00. Club tents must be mounted to club tent area.

Map location of the competition centre

Guiding posts
Guiding to event centre, competition centre and to parking areas:
Road 76, arrival from the west, about 5 km before Kuhmo city centre
Road 912, arrival from the east, about 5 km before Kuhmo city centre
Road 900, arrival from the north/north west, about 5 km before Kuhmo city centre
Road 5284, arrival from the south west, cross road of the road 75
Road 75, arrival from the south, about 22 km before Kuhmo
Guiding post are on their places on monday 24.7.2017 at 15.00.

Arriving and parking
Parking areas are located between 100-3000 metres from the competition centre. There will be shuttle bus transportation from the parking areas to the competition centre. Bus transportation is included in the parking ticket.   

Parking tickets
Parking tickets will be checked when leaving the parking area. Parking ticket can be purchased from KOW-info in the event centre or competition centre or finally the ticket must be purchased when leaving the parking area (then only in cash).
We strongly recommend to buy ticket in advance so you don´t have to wait when you are leaving the parking area.

P5 Kuhmo/Event centre        see the bus transportation ticket prices
P2-P4 Participants            30 € / week, 10 € / day
P2 Caravan                 35 € / week, 12 € / day
P2 Busses / club busses:        50 € / week, 15 € / day
P1 VIP-parking:            50 € / week, 15 € / day

P5 Kuhmo/Event centre -parking area is located in Kuhmo city centre and from there it will be a bus transportation directly to competition centre. Journey takes about 30 minutes.
P2-P4: There will be bus transportation to competition centre and it takes about 5-10 minutes.
P1 VIP-parking is located adjacent to competition centre, about 100-200 metres walk. There will be only limited amount of VIP-parking ticket available. VIP-parking tickets are available for everyone. VIP-parking ticket must be purchased in advance from our office info@rastiviikko.fi.

Bus transportation
There will be bus transportation between event centre – Kuhmo city centre – competition centre. Prices, timetables and routes are published on our webpage in the spring 2017.