50. Kainuun Rastiviikko

50th Kainuu Orienteering Week

25.-30.7.2017 Kuhmo, Finland

Participation fees
Participation fees are as follows:

by 30.11.2016:
Elite (H/D 16-21E) 85 €/week        24 €/day
H/D 17-95            78 €/week        22 €/day
H/D 8-16              40 €/week        12 €/day

by 28.2.2017:
Elite (H/D 16-21E) 100 €/week           28 €/day
H/D 17-95            90 €/week         25 €/day
H/D 8-16             50 €/week         15 €/day

by 19.6.2017:
Elite (H/D 16-21E) 115 €/week             32 €/day        
H/D 17-95            105 €/week            28 €/day
H/D 8-16              60 €/week           17 €/day

Late-entry by 9.7.2017:
Elite (H/D 16E-21E)160 €/week           44 €/day
H/D 17-95            150 €/week        40 €/day
H/D 8-16              75 €/week        21 €/day

Participation fees must be paid along the entry via IRMA-service.  Entry is valid when participation fee is paid. If you have problems in entry or payments please contact competition office (info@rastiviikko.fi, +358445123517).


1) Pre-registration

by using the IRMA-service until by 9.7.2017. Pre-registration is possible only for the whole week. Entry instructions for using the IRMA-service can be found  from our webpage → www.rastiviikko.fi → Entry → IRMA instructions

Pre-registration participation fees
Open courses                     45 €/week    
Open (under 14-year old)        25 €/week
Family-RR*                            25 €/week
*includes maps for the whole family and one emit-card.

Instructions for pre-registrated orienteers when arriving to KOW competition centre.

Pre-registrated (with own emit-card): Can pick up their competition number directly next to the open courses (Kuntoinfo) office in competition centre and go start and orienteer. So you don't have to visit in open orienteering office.
Pre-registrated (with rental emit-card): You have to visit in open courses office, where you can have your competition number and rental emit-card.


2) On-site registration
Participation fees:
Open courses               55 €/week    15 €/day
Open (under 14-year old)   35 €/week      10 €/day
Family-RR*                       35 €/week      10 €/day
Activity route (under school aged children)    12 €/week      4 €/day
*includes maps for the whole family and one emit-card.

NOTE! Entry form to open courses can be downloaded from webpage: www.rastiviikko.fi. When making the entry on site you can print the entry form and fill it in advance so when you arrive to competition centre it is faster to visit in open courses office.